Mid-Semester Mini-Breakdown

Recent family events, most especially the passing of my Aunt Maryellen, have been stirring rather disorderly thoughts about ability, mobility, self-care, acceptance and the perils of family.

School is busy, the internet is chock full of information to absorb, and I find myself less and less able to devote time to discussing the issues that motivated this journal at its beginning. 5 years ago I was living alone, car-less in a Colorado suburb and working to support myself. Now I am living with family, attending graduate school in one of the most intensely developed and pedestrian friendly metropolitan areas in the United States and finding myself uncomfortably dependent on my family.

The issues are very different and the time I have to myself is far less than it was before. I am not certain I can do these topics justice right now and equally uncertain whether I will even want to do so publicly in the future.

In the meantime, you can find me and my variable obsessions on Twitter @lonepedestrian.
on foot

Knocking People's Hats Off and other Imaginary Pastimes

All this snow is making me restless and the crowd on the Long Island Railroad made me want to run out of the car. In my imagination I shouted epithets like an apocalyptic street preacher and rushed out toward the icy streets but in reality I just sat there and read my book.

Maybe a little Slocum or Moitessier will cheer me up tonight but first it is off the library for research and back on the train for another dreary ride home.
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Waiting in Penn Station

This is one of the many places I spend my time. Hours each week, east and west and back again. It does sometimes make me long for the days when I could walk to work with mountains at my back but that was never intended to last.

This isn't permanent either. Just three semesters more and then I will go who knows where to do who knows what. In the meantime, there will be trains, libraries, classes and work.
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Sao Paulo

Apparently there is an international studio to be held in Sao Paulo during the Spring of 2012. I have to take studio in my last semester anyway and it feels like fate.

How I am going to swing it is a mystery but it can't hurt to have a little inspiration to save money, read up on Latin America and listen to samba.